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    Slope protection brick is a composite board made of concrete and coal ash. In addition, its appearance design is bigger than brick, and the construction is faster. Slope protection brick is also divided into small, medium, large and medium-sized brick, generally used in small and medium-sized brick more. The slope protection brick can be divided into porous structure lawn brick from the appearance, and the way is divided into single and double row square pass and three row flat hole lamp. The porous structure can be better for green plants, followed by leading brick and auxiliary tool brick according to the function. In addition, high moisture content of slope protection brick can not often tap water into the bubble, which will reduce its service life.
    1. It has good water permeability and air permeability, which can make rainwater quickly penetrate into the ground, supplement soil water and groundwater, maintain soil moisture, and improve the living conditions of urban ground plants and soil microorganisms.
    2. It can absorb water and heat, regulate the temperature and humidity of local space on the surface, and regulate the urban microclimate